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Dayton, Nevada




Safety First

  1. All guns will be kept unloaded and actions open when not hunting your brace.

  2. No Running during competition. You will be warned once by the Judge. The second warning will result in a 4 point penalty. The 3rd warning will be disqualification.

  3. All contestants must wear Blaze Orange Vests or Hats during competition.

  4. No bird may be shot on the ground.

  5. Dogs must be leashed at all times when not competing.

  6. Only 2 ¾ inch shells. No bigger than # 5 shot. 20 Gauge can use 3” shells no bigger than # 5 shot

  7. All hunters must be 12 years or older. 12 -18 YEAR OLDS MUST SHOW PROOF OF HUNTER SAFETY COURSE.

  8. During competition you must not lay your gun on the ground.

  9. Any violation of the safety rules can result in IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION.

 Points to be Awarded
  1. All score sheets which are signed by the competitor are final.

  2. No Points will be scored unless a bird is produced.

  3. 20 points will be awarded for each bagged bird.

  4. 10 points will be awarded for a 3 second, non-advancing point.

  5. 10 points will be awarded for a full retrieve.

  6. 5 points will be awarded for a partial retrieve.

  7. 10 points will be awarded for each shell not used.

  8. 2 points will be awarded for each full minute remaining of the total time limit. Time is called when the last bird is in hand.

  9. A caught bird will be a 10 POINT PENALTY.

  10. Full points will be awarded for a non-performing bird or a safety if awarded by the Judge.

  11. A SAFETYis called for any unsafe condition involving potential injury to person, dog, or property. The hunter should loudly proclaim “Safety” and the Judge will immediately confirm yes or no. Any competitor misusing the safety call as a way to assume an unfair advantage to not shoot their birds may be disqualified. Any contestant that sprays the gallery with a shot will be immediately disqualified.

  12. If a SAFETY is called on the last bird you will get full points, however you must have your dog leashed to stop the clock.

  13. The Judges decision on non-performing birds is FINAL and not subject to debate.

  14. If a Judge flushes a bird, the Judge must yell bird so the hunter knows the bird has flushed. The hunter still must shoot the bird and the dog must retrieve to receive full points. Even though the Judge flushed the bird you will still get credit for the point. If the Judge forgets to yell bird and you do not get a shot at the bird you will be awarded full points.

  15. This is not a televised event there will be no cameramen in the field. However if you choose to hire a cameraman to follow you and film your hunt and the cameraman bumps a bird and you do not get a shot off. NO POINTS WILL BE AWARDED.

  16. If the cameraman does bump a bird and you shoot the bird and the dog retrieves it you will get credit for the bird and the retrieve only. No Credit for the Point.

  17. If your run stops before you have all your birds you will not receive any Time Points.

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